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Established in 2018, BREMJ specializes in treating clients with scoliosis and musculoskeletal (muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and other soft tissues) problems through a hands-on approach.

Our Principal Physiotherapist, Ms. Emily Heah is the pioneer in applying the “Advanced Level, 3D Treatment of Scoliosis, Schroth-based method” in treating scoliosis cases in Southeast Asia.

BREMJ Scoliosis Treatments

Non-surgical Treatment for all age group except infant

Individualized treatment based on the “scoliotic” curvature pattern

Schroth-based methods

We Supply Less Visible & Symmetrical Scoliosis Brace

Functional Individual Therapy of Scoliosis (FITS)

Scientific Exercise Approach To Scoliosis (SEAS)

We treat painful/degenerative adult scoliosis

We treat Structural Hunchback (Scheuermann’s kyphosis)

We help you to regain confidence by improving your aesthetics

Why BREMJ Scoliosis Treatment?



Disclaimer: Treatment result may vary based on individual conditions and compliance to treatment.

BREMJ SCOLIOSIS TREATMENT utilizes industry-standard physiotherapeutic scoliosis-specific exercises that are well accepted by the “International Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment (SOSORT)”.

BREMJ’s experienced and passionate physiotherapists are committed to your health and wellbeing. Also, we collaborate with local and foreign orthotists to provide scoliosis hard brace for clients with moderate and severe scoliosis.



My daughter have been with Emily for around 3 years for scoliosis management. Emily is very patient, caring, conscientious & professional. She monitors progress and tailor exercise programmes and the results have been effective and has helped our daughter to improve & maintain their alignment and body symmetry well! Thank you Emily!


I previously had painful sensation on my right arm. I had to endure it for quite sometime. So I approached BREMJ for her expertise. Under her care, she showed great care and use to talk to. After several sessions at her treatment, the pains on my right arm are gone. Thanks BREMJ


真的很感谢Emily物理治疗师的轻柔技术 ,细心医治及照顾,我多年疼痛(颈椎,肩膀的问题)已好转,痛楚减少很多。感恩!一个完全有高深资历的物理治疗师,我诚意推荐给每个有需要的人士。再次感谢Emily!

Ms G.C Lim

To me, Emily has healing hands. Upon on-point  assessment she started treatment on my badly sprained ankle (avulsion fracture). The treatment was focused and targeted. She helped me gain my confidence and normal walking speed in 3 physiotherapy sessions. I will not hesitate to recommend her highly professional expertise.

K.C. Tan

My problem was lumbar disc prolapse. Emily has been a very good and encouraging physiotherapist by giving good advice and a well plan treatment to me. I was discharged after a good treatment by her as my back does not feel anymore symptom.

Ms Y.L Ong

I have benefitted greatly from both scoliosis and physiotherapy treatment under Ms Emily. Overall, I have experienced significant reduction in back pain, stiffness and discomfort, and believe that my overall posture has improved as well. I have to thank Ms Emily for her patient guidance and attention to detail.


The BREMJ Approach

At BREMJ, we offer clients all the attention and care they deserve to get them feeling healthy again. As such, each treatment program is customized to your condition and goals, to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

The BREMJ approach addresses the root cause of your musculoskeletal issues to help you achieve a more sustainable outcome and ultimately prevent further injuries. 

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