The Free Pelvis Brace

Before Bracing

After Bracing

Disclaimer: Treatment result may vary based on individual conditions and compliance to treatment

The 10 corrective principles for Free Pelvis Brace

Efficacy Acceptability
Mechanical efficacy Easy to wear
Active brace Minimum visibility
Three-dimensional action Maximum freedom in Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
Versatility & adaptability Individual responsibility
Team work Cognitive – behavioral team approach

Why Choose “The Free Pelvis Brace”


Less visible & more symmetrical outlook

  • This encourages scoliosis clients to wear it out with confidence & comfort with less/no embarrassment.


  • This helps to improve compliance of wearing brace. Sufficient wearing hours as prescribed is the key to maximizing the scoliosis treatment outcome.

It allows better freedom in activities of daily living

  • It allows to do specific exercises and sports with and without brace.

Three-dimensional correction manner

  • To unroll the curve in elongation in the three spatial planes without sagittal distortion.

A “Soft Pelvis” (white material) is used to allow a better adaptation and comfort of the pelvis and a better sagittal alignment


  • This also avoids suffering pain in pelvis when wearing brace that could be caused by the applied pressure of a hard brace on a bony pelvis.

Longer lifetime of brace as compared with other hard braces

  • The adjustable straps at the front and back of brace gives more room for a “growing” body to adapt.

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