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  • Our scoliosis specialist will evaluate your scoliosis condition based on x-rays and physical assessment. All treatments are specifically tailored based on individual client condition, our clinical experiences and researches. 
  • Our treatment program provides a large benefit by adding it to the standard scoliosis treatment (like bracing treatment / surgery / observation) for clients, and this maximizes the potential of scoliosis treatment outcomes.
  • The prescribed home exercises can be applied as a lifetime self-management tool. This saves you from being dependent on the passive treatment that may require a long-term commitment at a higher cost.
  • By learning how to strengthen the weak body muscles, improve the (habitual) asymmetrical posture and lengthen the tight body muscles, these are the main keys to maintaining a better shape of body and sustaining your body for long-term daily functions in your life.

BREMJ Scoliosis Treatment Components

Schroth-based Exercises

BSPTS-Concepts by Rigo


  • Reaching the best possible 3D postural correction & alignment throughout “Detorsional Forces”
Functional Individual Therapy of Scoliosis, FITS (Poland)

FITS concept consists of two stages:

  • Elimination of myofascial restrictions which limit a three-plane corrective movement
  • Building new corrective posture patterns in functional positions (Resource: Marianna Bialek et. al, “FITS” concept Functional Individual Therapy of Scoliosis, 2008
  • Example of corrective pattern:
    • Apply “compression” on convex side of curve and “elevation” on concave side of curve
    • Can use resistance band to promote active correction of curves
    Scientific Exercise Approach To Scoliosis, SEAS (Italy)
    • SEAS is an individualized exercise program which based on a specific active self-correction technique performed without external aid, and incorporated in functional exercises
    • It can stand-alone in low-medium degree curves during growth to reduce the risk of bracing; complimentary to bracing for medium-high degree curves during growth, with the target to increase correction, prepare weaning brace, and avoid/reduce side-effects; for adults either fused or progressing, to help stabilising the curve and reduce disability (Resource: Michele-Romano et. al, Scientific Exercises Approach to Scoliosis, 2015)

    Before Self-active Correction

    After Self-active Correction

    Scoliosis Therapeutic Massage
    • Massage is specifically tailored based on individual curves and posture
    • To improve muscles imbalance and ease the symtomps
    Scoliosis Manual Therapy
    • To promote correction in 3D manner and pain relief

    Treatment Goals

    To promote correction of spine and rib cage in a 3D manner

    To improve physical body shape and appearance

    To improve balance and strength of muscles

    To unblock the barriers in muscles/bones to correct curvature

    To improve lung function

    To reduce the unequal mechanical force in your body

    To improve the quality of your life

    To relieve pain (if any)

    BREMJ Scoliosis Treatment Session

    Individual session

    • The first session is 90 minutes which involve initial assessment and basic exercises
    • Follow-up session: you may opt for 90min (highly recommended) or 60min per session

    Buddy Program

    • Buddy program includes 15 sessions (90 minutes each)
    • You may discuss with our scoliosis specialist about the follow-up plan after completing the Buddy Program
    • Single-gender learners (Mixed-gender is acceptable if they are from a same family)
    • 2 clients are under 1 physiotherapist’s care

    Scoliosis Telehealth (Online)

    • We open this service to both local and overseas clients
    • 90 minutes per session
    • Kindly contact us for further information

    Initial Consultation

    About Initial Consultation

    • Can be conducted physically (highly recommended) and virtually via Zoom
    • For non-doctor referred cases, an initial consultation is required before commencing BREMJ Scoliosis Treatment
    • It may take 30-60 minutes. It depends on individual cases and number of questions you wish to ask during consultation

    Why Need An Initial Consultation

    Why Need An Initial Consultation

    Our scoliosis specialist will assess your condition, help to you understand your condition better, discuss your treatment plans, establish shared informed treatment goals and discuss about the potential benefits you can gain from your treatment program

    Remark: You are under no obligation to proceed to our treatment session after the initial consultation.

    Initial Consultation May Involve

    • Addressing your medical/surgical/family history
    • Addressing your current signs & symptoms that might affect your quality of life (like body aches, nerve problems, breathing issues etc)
    • Review your current brace if any
    • Physical assessment of your back, trunk and spine
    • Physical spine alignment assessment
    • Feet arches assessment
    • Rib hump/back hump assessment with scoliometer
    • Leg length discrepancy test

    How to book an initial consultation:

    Get X-ray view

    A latest full-spine X-ray (in CD/film) – lateral view (side view) and AP view (front/back view). It should be taken NOT MORE THAN 3 months from the date of your initial consultation.

    Send X-ray Copies

    X-rays are required for your spinal curvature assessment. We strongly suggest you to email/send the copy of your x-rays to us beforehand. Kindly contact us if you need assistance with the above.

    Physical Initial Consultations

    Appropriate attire is required for physical assessment. Kindly check this with our staffs when booking an appointment.

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